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Argief / Archive

Algemeen / General
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Waarom 'n Elektroniese Nuusbrief?

Support Conservation and Save On Tax And Accrue BBBEE Scorecard Points

Ken Jou Vyand - Know Thy enemy

SAJWV: 60 Jaar Van Bewaring Deur Volhoubare Benutting

Anti hunters dance to a false can-can tune

The anti-hunters are dancing circles around the hunters

Who actually won the Bush War?

Contravene the new weapons act and...Spend 15 years behind bars

Unintended Implications of New Fire Arms Act

Is relicensing behind us?

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Onfeilbare Biltong Resep

Wildslewer oor die kole

A filet of note

Venison Potjie

Hunters, don't look down on the little ones

Game sosaties takes t-i-m-e

Warthog recipe

Springbok potjiekos

Beat the Lions at eating Springbok

Grilled Venison Steak Made Simple

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Bewaar Die Natuur En Ontwikkel Mense

Hoekom die klem op bewaring

Limpo-Kwena - Olifant Skade

Ken Jou Vyand - Know Thy Enemy - ARA

Ken jou Vyand - Know Thy enemy

Ken Jou Vyand - Know Thy enemy

Is die jagter die ultimate kroon van die skepping of is hy 'n gewone parasiet?

Know thy enemy

Know thy enemy

Know thy enemy

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Credo Van 'n Jagter: Jag Om Weer Te Jag - Die Geheim Van BBD/ECS

Wees 'n Trotse Jagter

Waar Gaan Ons Jag Hierdie Jaar?

Waarna Kyk Ons In 'n Jagbestemming

Will game prices rise ?

Nee - Wildbedryf SA Wildspryse Gaan Styg


Die Eland As 'n Jagbare Spesie

Prepare for your hunting trip

What to pack for the hunt

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Wat Is Die Gewildste Gewere En Kalibers



Wat Se Jaggewere Is Tans Beskikbaar En Wat Is Die Pryse

Elke Geweer Het Sy Eie "Sweetspot"� !


"The ultimate hunting rifle"

Hunting rifles and what they cost

How much does your bullet "drop" over distance?

A rangefinder - essential tool for the hunter

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SAJWV Individuele Skietkompetisie: Mees Veelsydige Skut - 28 Februarie 2009

Nog meer oor die skietkompetisie

This month in SA HUNTER/JAGTER

Get those sights set

Name For The Newsletter

Name for Newsletter competition

News on new name competition

Important dates for SAHGCA members

Hartbees Branch's Frontier Shoot Postponed

Challenge to All Branches: Baviaanspoort Donates R5 000 to the Legal Aid Fund

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Questionnaire for hunting destinations

Hunting Destination survey

Research That Safeguards And Strengthens The Hunting Industry

SA Academics Research Tuli Block Elephants

Please complete University of North West Online Questionnaire

Please complete University of North West Online Questionnaire

Please complete University of North West Online Questionnaire

Associations Are a Target Market for the SA Business Tourism Industry

Please use holiday to complete questionnaire for Biltonghunters

Is that a Crunching Acorn I Hear?

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Die Pad Om 'n Meester Jagter Te Word

AIM show 3 to 5 April 2009

Be game for skinning a buck

Be on the lookout for the May 2009 edition of SA Hunter

College empowers staff for game farm

Guides are trained to become entrepreneurs

Brag factors for the East Rand branch

Courses on Agricultural and Soil Potential Assessment

SAHGCA Diary for September

Pretoria East Involves the Whole Family

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Around The Campfire

Snakes Alive, It's Monkey Business!

Around the Campfire: The State Should Admit Defeat and Scrap Rifle Licensing

Shooting Game Over a Kilometre - a Long Shot?

What Yanks Pay to Hunt in SA

Ever Met a 'Telltail' Impala?

Last Week's Best Contribution

Lead Bullets Lead Us a Merry Dance

Are Hunters a Bunch of Swaggerers?

Lead in Ammunition: Take Precautionary Measures Now


Rhina alive